Portfolio – Karol Kochański

  1. Bayer Sp. z o.o. – Mobile Senior Software Engineer
  • Developed mobile applications for Bayer Sp. z o.o. using technologies like JavaScript, React.js, and Node.js.
  • Created APIs and client solutions for various projects, showcasing expertise in web development and architecture.
  • Provided technical support and handled IT administration to ensure smooth project operations.
  • Leveraged skills in Progress Database and TestCaffe end-to-end tests to deliver high-quality solutions.
  1. BKode sp z o.o. – Co-Founder
  • Co-founded BKode sp z o.o., playing a crucial role in preparing business flows for projects and representing the company.
  • Led hiring processes for new developers, ensuring a skilled and competent team.
  • Developed business solutions, including bank business flows and API implementations.
  • Built Android and iOS applications using technologies like React.js, Angular 7, 8, and Java.
  1. Miomedic sp. z o.o. – Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
  • Originated and programmed a telemedicine platform to analyze real-time health data for elderly individuals.
  • Managed business contacts and conducted thorough analyses for the platform’s success.
  • Implemented UX/UI designs to enhance user experience.
  • Utilized technologies like React.js, Redux, Java, MySQL, Android, and iOS.
  1. iTMind Karol Kochański – Owner
  • Founded iTMind and created various business solutions for clients.
  • Developed Android and iOS applications to meet diverse needs.
  • Provided technical support and handled IT administration for seamless operations.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in technologies such as React.js, Angular.js, PHP, and Prestashop.
  1. Volvo Group – Lead React Native Developer
  • Led the development of React Native applications, providing innovative layouts and mechanisms for business purposes.
  • Developed Typescript data structures and migrated existing data structures for enhanced efficiency.
  • Demonstrated expertise in JavaScript, React Native, Gradle, Maven, and Objective-C.
  1. Danske Bank – Senior React Native Developer
  • Integrated services and prepared solutions for Android, iOS, and React Native platforms.
  • Developed service bridges and ensured smooth service integration.
  • Expertise in technologies like Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, Gradle, Maven, and React Native.
  1. Ideamotive – Senior Project Architect
  • Built Noinn solution, involving development and maintenance of web applications and Node.js services.
  • Implemented service monitoring and database reconstruction.
  • Expertly handled AWS implementation and architectural diagrams.
  1. SiDLY Healthcare – Senior React Native/iOS Android Developer
  • Successfully delivered React Native applications and assisted in stabilizing iOS applications.
  • Contributed to Java and Swift development for the improvement of mobile apps.
  • Demonstrated skills in BLE solutions for healthcare applications.
  1. Ministerstwo Finansów – Expert ds utrzymania systemu płatności i usług ViaToll
  • Prepared IT solution documentation and built React.js app for demo purposes.
  • Supported the development of government solutions, including e-urząd solution.
  • Contributed to building UX/UI app propositions and architectural diagrams.
  1. Główny Inspektorat Transportu Drogowego – Expert/ Product Manager ds. systemu poboru opłat ViaToll
    • Led the preparation of IT solution documentation and built React.js app for demonstrations.
    • Provided support for government solutions and contributed to architectural diagrams.
    • Demonstrated expertise in building UX/UI app propositions.
  2. Blunovation – Senior React Developer
    • Developed React.js applications for analyzing cancer drug production and Australian elder care systems.
    • Worked on fixing issues in US private school systems using Java.
    • Demonstrated skills in JavaScript, React.js, and Java.
  3. Jobox.ai – Senior Software Engineer
    • Contributed to series-A startups and IT companies, actively contributing to software development projects.
    • Leveraged skills in various technologies and provided valuable contributions to project success.
  4. Lunching.pl – Software Developer (Remote Angular Developer)
    • Handled application issues, prepared UX/UI solutions, and contributed to Angular 8 development.
    • Demonstrated skills in JavaScript, Angular, and remote development.
  5. HSBC – Software Developer
    • Developed React.js applications and utilized Redux for state management.
    • Implemented TDD practices using Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Jest, and Karma.
    • Leveraged AWS services like S3, EC2, and ECS for application deployment.
  6. ITHub – Deputy CTO & Web Developer
    • Actively contributed to building business contacts and analyzing client requirements.
    • Played a vital role in tech reviews of client solutions and offered innovative tech solutions.
    • Developed WordPress applications and themes for clients.
  7. Elte Gps – Software Developer
    • Created web solutions using React.js and Redux for efficient data management.
    • Improved software quality and reduced risk through test-driven development (TDD) using Mocha, Chai, and Sinon.
    • Developed middleware using Node.js for seamless data communication.
  8. Mofema Zuzamed – Software Developer
    • Developed web and device solutions using React.js for Android applications and e-commerce platforms.
    • Implemented methodologies for work efficiency and managed productivity systems.
    • Fostered relationships with IT companies for collaborative solutions.
  9. Sensinum – Software Engineer
    • Created business web and mobile solutions, emphasizing health care applications.
    • Leveraged React.js, Redux, and WordPress templates for efficient development.
    • Contributed to backend development using Node.js services.
  10. Luxoft – Software Developer for UBS Investment Bank
    • Developed applications using React.js, Flex, and HTML5 for UBS Investment Bank.
    • Conducted tests and implemented new solutions to ensure top-quality products and services.
    • Demonstrated proficiency in Git, SVN, and Agile methodologies.
  11. SiDLY sp. z o.o. – Software Developer
    • Supported technical aspects of applications and introduced new solutions.
    • Developed business applications for healthcare use and designed Android application architectures.
    • Played a crucial role in middleware development and front-end creation.
  12. Freelancer – Web Developer
    • Worked as a freelancer, building web applications and analyzing requirements for clients.
    • Created MDS, a version 2 platform using PHP and other web technologies to support estate agencies and help students find accommodations.
    • Utilized various technologies and tools to deliver tailored solutions for clients.
  13. Silvermedia – Front End Developer
    • Prepared applications in HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS for medical use.
    • Built templates in .Net and developed applications for mobile platforms like iOS and Android.
    • Demonstrated knowledge in Git, SVN, and Agile methodologies.
  14. Comarch – Analyst and EDI Programmer
    • Developed XML flat file solutions for clients using EDI technology.
    • Analyzed file structures and created transformation maps.
    • Demonstrated expertise in EDI and XML technologies.
  15. Universal Student – Chief Programmer
    • Developed www.miejscedlastudenta.pl, a platform designed to help students find accommodation options across Poland.
    • Built the entire system, including a custom CMS with additional features for generating pages.
    • Utilized various technologies for a seamless user experience.
  16. MKG Studio – Account Manager

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